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Disperator’s business goes back to the 1940s, and even if there were other products in the assortment, food waste disposers have always been the core business. With more than 70 years of experience, we have developed the knowledge that makes us specialists in production, development and distribution of equipment for the efficient handling and source sorting of food waste. As a sign of our financial strength, since 1999 we have been given the highest credit rating in the Dun & Bradstreet credit rating system (AAA).

Our vision

Regardless of where food waste arises – in kitchens or the food processing industry – on land or at sea – we shall be able to offer equipment for efficient handling, volume reduction and source sorting of this waste, nowadays also used for biogas production. Depending on conditions in the customer’s surroundings, this can take place with or without flushing water for transport and subsequent recycling (both digestion and composting).

Our Mission

We provide innovative and adaptable equipment to kitchens in the marine environment as well as land-based kitchens and to the food industry, enabling for digestion or composting of ground food scraps in subsequent stages and benefiting the society. Customer benefits are savings in costs and time, improved hygiene and working conditions, as well as environmental gains in the form of renewable energy.

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Our Values

Create sustainability

Be proud of that our products’ excellent quality and reliability contributes to the best possible sustainable economy and environment for our customers.

Take initiative

We encourage initiative and for employees to contribute with their knowledge to make the correct decisions while allowing for integrity. Have the courage to change course if necessary and be responsible for your actions while feeling genuine enthusiasm.

Embrace innovation

By listening to our customers’ needs and satisfy customer specific solutions where possible, we create the best possible competitiveness and foundation for continued innovation and product development, to always be in the forefront.

Be reliable

Our promises are important to us! We work hard to deliver – promised product – to promised location – at promised time – worldwide.

Value diversity

We broaden our expertise by recruiting men and women of different ages and different origins.

Think long term

We strive for long-term relationships with partners whose knowledge in catering or management and recycling of wastes complements our own.

A word from the CEO

Doing our part…

As the owner and CEO, over more than 30 years, I have had the pleasure of being involved and developing DISPERATOR AB – a truly exciting journey to continuously new destinations.

New ideas about how we can make our product range more competitive with better and more customer values are continuously arising – from my employees – from our customers – from our suppliers – where everyone has admirably done their part so that we have constantly improved.

DISPERATOR AB, a unique company that has truly had, and in the future will have an increasingly important role in terms of contributing to the development of aids for efficient source sorting and collection of food waste in kitchens and the food industry and trade. This is for the subsequent extraction of biogas – a type of energy that is growing in importance in our modern daily lives, and which also contributes to a sustainable development of the society in which we let our children grow up. In this work, it is always important for us to meet new needs and adapt our equipment to the requirements and rules that exist in various surroundings – both on land and at sea.

The saying of “Doing our part ……” can mean different things in different contexts. Let me in our case thank you all, employees and customers as well as suppliers, for that you always give that little extra – that you do not give up easily – that you all have done your part in good times and bad. In my opinion, this is the most important reason for our success story – our desire to always do our part!

Best regards, Lars Holmqvist

Lars Holmqvist VD Disperator

We work with many exciting customers

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