New design & development

The world is ever changing and innovation plays a crucial role at Disperator. In dialogue with the market, we conduct our own research and development, finding the balance between technology, finances, production and environmental impact. With our own factory, full oversight of the production phase and close cooperation with designers and suppliers, we can create a competitive advantage together with our customers’ knowledge.

The introduction of Food Waste Processors in the GTS series for connection to a closed tank system and Food Waste Grinders 500A series connected to a separation tank and grease separator in combination, satisfies the needs of customers who do not or can not use municipal sewers for source sorting of food waste in the traditional way. The systems have already been successful in both the domestic and international markets.

The latest addition to the range is the newly designed disposer model 500S, a robust disposer with unique reinforced cutting abilities for efficient comminution of difficult-to-grind food waste. Heavily ground food waste consists, for example, of long-fiber and stringy vegetables, tough meat tendons and salmon skins. The grinder is particularly suitable in the food industry and trade as well as commercial kitchens where difficult-to-grind food waste is present in larger quantities. In addition, the model 500S manages to grind hard food waste such as coarser bones.

innovation and adaption food waste system

Innovation and adaption food waste systems Disperator

Flexible installations

Our product range is unique! Disperator is the only manufacturer to offer every kind of installation option in a kitchen. The modularly product line is the platform that makes it possible to combine all kinds of installation assemblies with any size of the basic models in the 500A Excellent Series. A range of mounting assemblies make it easy to install the disposer into sinks, working benches and washing lines supplied by other manufacturers. In addition, the advantage of the basic model’s design is that the integration of the disposer with another manufacturer’s assembly or fitting is no problem. Every workstation in the kitchen can thereby be designed based on its specific requirements in terms of excellent function, finances and ergonomics.


Sometimes, a customer has such specific requirements that a standard solution simply won’t do. If so, it’s good to know that Disperator tailors its solutions to the customer’s wishes based on the same high quality of our standard products. A team of salespeople, designers and skilled factory staff are available to increase your company’s competitiveness.

The size of our company makes us agile, and we see the possibility of special adaptations as an important part of our offering. As we also have full oversight of the production phase, we can control production so it does not detract from other operations. Examples of previous customizations are odd motor voltage supplies and saltwater resistant disposer housing.

Innovation and adaptions food waste diposers - Disperator