Commercial Kitchens

Material included with the disposer delivery as standard

  • start / stop unit (contactor with motor protector)
  • solenoid valve with coil and cable connector (IP67) for automatic control of flushing water
  • line strainer
  • safety interlock switch
  • jam release wrench
  • user manual with installation and service instructions, wrapped operating instructions, wrapped safety instructions and electrical documentation

Installation material that can be ordered as an option

  • water trap for connection to disposer outlet
  • main electrical safety switch placed on wall/bulkhead for incoming electricity (2-pole for 1-phase disposer, 3-pole for 3-phase disposer)
  • hose with protective steel-covered stocking minimum inner -Ø 9mm for cold flush water
  • vacuum valve (marine installation)
  • manual ball valve (3 “) to close the drain towards the sink drawer
  • torque protection bar, for fixing disposer to wall/bulkhead (BS, ATF, BS-K, ATF-K, DRR-K)
  • mounting bracket, for fixing disposer equipment (MC, MB, FK, GTS)

Additional options – can be ordered from Disperator

  • timer functions for automatic control of disposer and flushing water, 4 options (see specific product sheet for details under Our Products)
  • run time meter to monitor disposer´s operating time
  • flow control / shut-off valve to adjust water flow and for closing incoming water
  • magnetic cutlery trap, magnetic block
  • DUC (Data Under Central), level sensor kit for communication between disposer and tank, potential-free contacts for connection to DUC
  • transformer for 24V, 115V, 230V operating voltage when neutral wire is not available with 400V / 440V supply voltage (marine use)
  • end shield for workplaces with washing-up liquid pH> 9 (eg heavy-duty dishes)
  • higher IP class than standard
  • housing in acid-proof stainless steel EN 1.4404 = AISI316L (weldable)
  • salt water resistant components when seawater is used as flushing water (marine use)
  • tropical safe motor (marine use)
  • EX version “explosive proof version” (marine use)

For installation of equipment in commercial kitchens:

Disperator AB


User manuals per product:

Note that

Permission for connection of a food waste disposer or a food waste management system is decided by each individual municipality. More and more municipalities allow installation, contact your local authority for current regulations.

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