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At Disperator, we have many years of experience in service matters with our customers, primarily acute service. In consultation with users of our mills, throughout the years, it has been established that there is a great need and demand for regular, preventive service and training in handling. For our customers in the Swedish land-based market, we have developed different types of service agreements that are suitable for different customers’ operations. In this way, we create security for the customer and increase the operational reliability of their equipment and minimize unexpected stops in the operation of the disposer.

Regular service for long life

Dispersers disposers have a well-deserved reputation for being reliable, durable and have a long service life. They can withstand heavy loads for a long time without giving way. To further ensure that the long service life is maintained, even extended, we recommend that regular service of the grinder be performed. All machines feel better in the long run with regular care, so does a food waste disposer from Disperator. A recurring preventive service means security for the user and in the long run prevents unnecessary, unforeseen repair costs. To invest in a service agreement is to ensure the operational reliability of the daily operations and that the quality of the product is maintained.

Every customer is uniqe, so is a food waste disposer

A disposer that does not receive regular service runs a greater risk of incurring larger repair costs over time in the form of unforeseen downtime.

Like every customer, every disposer is also unique. Based on which environment, under which conditions, and what load the disposer is exposed to, we can offer tailor-made service agreements. Agreements designed according to the customer’s / disposers needs, where we take full responsibility for the service. For example; how often a customer needs a visit and what type of service the disposer needs at each individual visit.

Service agreement

Disperator’s service agreement – with the purpose of preventing unnecessary, costly downtime and ensuring that the disposers quality is maintained for a long time.

For end users, resellers and partners, we have developed various service kits which mean that:

  • We contact the customer / user well in advance before it is time for service and plan for the visit.
  • After the service has been completed, we leave a completed service protocol where the measures we have performed are clearly written down.
  • We offer training for kitchen staff in handling the mill at each visit or as desired.
  • We ensure that the disposer fully meets the customer’s needs.
  • We offer service agreements to you who run a private business as well as to you who run a municipal activity.
  • We offer our partners and service companies procured by municipalities the opportunity to; through planned courses with us at Disperator to certify as an authorized service partner and installer of Disperator’s food waste disposers and food waste processors. This is so that in future they will be able to offer Disperator’s service agreements to their clients and / or end users.
  • We look forward to talking to you to develop the best service agreement for your Disperator

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