Glass crusher 500A-GKF Excellent Series

The glass crusher GKF550A facilitates the heavy handling and collection of empty bottles and other glass containers by grinding them into small particles. Cutting the initial volume by as much as 80% means significant reduction of storage space and fewer collections. Bottles are fed one by one continuously and the grounded particles are collected in a bag or container placed under the crushers outlet.
With a motor power of 1,25kW the machine handles approximately 600-1200 bottles per hour, depending upon size.

What can be crushed?

Only glass may be ground in the glass crusher! For example: wine-, beer, champagne bottles, glass jars and containers. Remove any cap, cork or wire before grinding. Materials that can cause an explosion, spreading infection or chemical contamination (i.e. light bulbs containing mercury) cannot be ground in the glass crusher.

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