Food Waste Disposer 500V-BAS Excellent Serien

Installation in sink / washing line

Every kitchen is to a certain extent unique. Disperator’s Modul System where all assemblies can be used with all Disperator models makes it possible to plan ergonomically correct solutions for different places of work in the kitchen. A range of mounting assemblies make it easy to build Disperator’s basic models into sinks, washing lines, working benches, table tops or as free-standing units. Installation into existing assembly or to an assembly manufactured by other supplier is also possible.

For CE-marking an approved assembly from Disperator or other manufacturer is needed above disposer inlet.

The food waste disposer have the following options:
– strengthened cutting features
– seawater resistance

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BIM/CAD Object
Semi-open and open system The product is suitable for connection to a semi-open or open system.
500V-BAS Excellent Serien

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Benefits for you

  • Fast and easy transport of organic waste = no leaking garbage bags or heavy lifting to garbage bins.
  • Reduction of bad odors, pests and bacteria formation = more pleasant working environment and improved hygiene.
  • Fewer garbage collections, as well as for dry waste = lower total waste management cost.
  • Fewer waste containers are needed and transported to storage locations = less time and expense for cleaning in the kitchen.
  • Freeing of space and lower energy cost for cooled waste rooms = which would otherwise be used for storage of organic waste.
  • Contribute to recycling through biogas production = possibility to establish a corporate environmental friendly profile.

Benefits for your surroundings & the environment

  • Improving hygiene and eliminating bad odors around garbage bins and buildings.
  • Fewer transports of garbage means less vehicle exhausts, road wear and accident risks.
  • Possibility of recycling through anaerobic digestion in the form of renewable energy (biogas).
  • Better utilization of social investments in sewage systems and sewage treatment plants.
  • The cost of pre-processing (grinding) of food waste at treatment plants/biogas facilities is avoided.
  • Less garbage is deposited and instead utilized in a better way.

Semi-open food waste management system

With a separating food waste system including a food waste disposer the exceeding water released into the municipal sewer falls below the Stockholm Water Company’s regulation for grease and suspendable substances. Food waste grinders in the 500A-Excellent Series offer many different sizes with a wide variety of mounting assemblies for installation under sinks, in working tops or as free-standing.
The ground food waste is transported with water through the drain system to a food waste separator tank where the food waste is separated due to the special design of the tank. Oil and grease spills over to the next tank, being the grease separator. Consequently, the food waste and grease are collected and stored in different tanks while the exceeding water continues into the municipal sewer system. Both tanks can be dimensioned to cater to your business’s specific requirements.

The food waste system is designed to use the wastewater pipes for the transport of food waste by gravity. The food waste is ground in the kitchen where it arises, without unnecessary transportation, by a disposer. Would the kitchen have several workstations where food waste arise or would several kitchens in i.e. a mall want to share one system, this is no problem as several units may be connected to a single system.

Permission for connecting of a food waste disposer to a semi-open system is determined by each individual municipality. An increasing number of municipalities allow installation, please contact your municipality for information about the current regulations.

Semi-open food waste management system Disperator

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