Food Waste Processor Food Waste Processor GTS Series

The food waste processor 500A GTS E65 series is the first hand choice for closed food waste management systems. It is a reliable and easy managed system.

The GTS-series grounds food waste immediately and efficiently into small particles for transport using a unique processor pump, without or with very little added flushing water as a means of transport, to a sealed and odorless tank either placed indoors or outdoors. The unit is designed for continuous feeding of food waste and has a capacity of as much as 15 liters per minute. For extreme cases, a capacity of up to 30 liters per minute is available as option. If required it is possible to connect several processors located at different work stations to the same pipe connected to the tank. To suit existing interior and logistics within the kitchen/galley the processor discharge area and outlet may be positioned either to the left or to the right of infeeding opening, thus giving full flexibility in planning your kitchen and to fully utilize valuable space.

The food waste processors in the GTS series are apart from flexible configurations also available in different sizes (in terms of power and grinding capacity). The length of the pipe system should also be taken into consideration when planning. Please contact DISPERATOR for advice on dimensioning.

Food waste processor GTS Mini is an excellent choice for less volume of food waste and where the kitchen space is limited. Model 500A GTS Mini is fitted with a 1,8 kW motor as standard (520A GTS Mini). A special version of GTS Mini, model 530A GTS Mini, is fitted with a 2,5kW motor for the use in cramped kitchen spaces where you still need to take care of a little more difficult to grind food waste.

Detailed information about GTS E-65 and GTS Mini is described in the product sheets (available for download below).

DISPERATOR food waste processors and food waste disposers are approved according to SS EN 1717 meets the standard for airgap, protection against reflux in the fresh water pipe.

Please contact us for more information.

The disposer can be fitted with strengthen cutting features for efficient grinding of fibrous / filamentous and also tough food waste. See product sheet below.
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Closed food waste system to tank

Immediately and efficiently removing the heaviest part of kitchen waste – food waste – is a necessity in every kitchen. In the event water-based food waste disposers connected to the municipal sewer system is not permitted in your community, a Disperator developed unique and patent pending technology may handle the task for you. Using a GTS-series processor food waste can hygienically and without any heavy lifting or transfer easily be taken care of and reduce the total amount of refuse – both by weight and volume!

The tank can be placed where there is space

Regardless of the choice of model, the process is the same. Food waste is washed down the processor’s feeding opening and ground in the grinding chamber into small particles for further transport using a pump to a sealed and odorless tank, to be emptied by the waste contractor approximately every four weeks. Depending upon preference, the tank may be placed indoors as well as outdoors buried in the ground. The slurry is transported to an anaerobic digestion facility and converted into valuable renewable energy resource i.e. biogas. Biogas is one of our society’s most environmentally clean and desired energy forms, as fuel for cars as well as for the production of heat and electricity.

One of the unique benefits of the GTS processor is that the pumping of ground food waste is done without or with very little added water. As the tank will not be filled with unnecessary amounts of water efficiency with longer collection intervals is obtained. In its standard version the GTS-processor has a capacity of 15 l/min. With an average amount of food waste at 0.15 l/served meal the processor is able to take care of food waste generated by as many as 4,000 guests/hour. And this despite the fact that the storage tank, if required, can be located about a hundred meters away. 

We help you find the best solution for your food waste handling

To suit existing interior and logistics within the kitchen the processor discharge area and outlet may be positioned either to the left or to the right of infeeding opening, thus giving full flexibility in planning your kitchen/scullery and to fully utilize valuable space.

Disperator’s broad assortment of different technical solutions for source separation of food waste can be adapted to your specific kitchen and your specific working environment, regardless of size or layout, and your specific municipal’s waste handling rules! The food waste processor can also be adapted to marine installations. We will be pleased help.Your are most welcome to contact us. 

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