Haymarket Hotell by Scandic

Haymarket by Scandic recently opened its doors after a complete renovation of the old PUB building in the middle of central Stockholm, and offers 405 extraordinary hotel rooms. The hotel is a dream in true art deco spirit. Already in the foyer, a fantastic staircase leads up to the open kitchen and Paul’s restaurant, where an AW with a group of friends easily turns into a dinner.

Paul’s is the American grill restaurant from the turn of the last century influenced by classic European flavors. The food is elegant, simple, sensual and classic with equal parts fish, meat and vegetables.

The hotel mixes between classic and chic. Between the hotel rooms’ tribute to times gone by in symbiosis with modern rosé details. Between the sophisticated and the urban. Between the green café where businesswomen toast in Champagne share a table with tea-drinking ladies and the American bar where international guests and city dwellers try drinks with ingredients they did not know they liked.

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Source: Haymarket by Scandic